The colours of this website are dedicated to the Suffragettes and were chosen by Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, a british women’s rights activist, because

Facing our main challenge with the need for reformation in agriculture and food systems we look at things as a whole, figure out how systems work synergetic and elements integrate. Since the sacredness of the land is best represented within the female of the human species the vital connection of the earth and the wombmen must be understood. Our rituals aim is to strengthen the connection between sacred wo(mb)menhood and the Earth,while practicing the sacred rites of the Goddess.

Instead of engaging people with something that is far beyond their comfort and ability, we make friends and build community to gradually make changes that have an impact on another level. While reflecting upon our inherent greed for indulgence we create systems that meet our human needs while allowing sacred nature around us to regenerate. Using bio energies we gradually shift into a consciousness more appreciative of the life force all around us, and circulate that energy in consciousness changing ceremonies.

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