The colours of this website are dedicated to the Suffragettes and were chosen by Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, a british women’s rights activist, because

It is difficult to comprehend an understanding of the mysteries of ritual but I will herewith allow a glimpse of its structure. With the performance of threshold rites i separate the aspiring initiate from the world he knew into the world of the initiated adult.The initiate than is neither here nor there.He passes through a symbolic domain that has few or none of the attributes of his past or coming state. Therfore the zone in which he finds himself is neither the day-to-day world that bestows his public status on him nor the mysterious spiritual realm, it is betwixt and between.In that no-place and no-time intellect and bodily energy is liberated from custom and casual behaviour,confronting the mysteries of the spirit.To understand spiritual reality the initiate than attempts to use his bodily energy to become a mythical half-human, half-animal creature.

Here my ritualistic approach to the spiritual is personal and more real and fulfilling than detached, speculative experience. My natural desire—to throw off the trappings of this mundane world and be(come) god/dess, but yet remain in the world I can experience within consecrated behaviour using masks and symbolic language. A mask worn in ritual (and art) is animated by the person behind it, who brings it to life and in doing so symbolically becomes the life-force/God/dess itself.In this sense,the use of the mask between the worlds of nature and spirit is not disguising me but rather is expressing my true nature. Wearing a mask and thereby revealing the visage of the goddess is a more true reflection of my spiritual essence than my natural face. The mask reveals and conceals my spiritual force. That force is the essence of the divine. In masked calendrical ritual, the belief in magical transformation can enter the realm of spirit and recreate new order in the material reality.