The colours of this website are dedicated to the Suffragettes and were chosen by Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, a british women’s rights activist, because

Our alienation from the natural world has massively increased with the advent of technology and resulted in disaster (dis – to be separate from, aster – the stars).

We must therefore awaken to the fact that our values and lifestyles are damaging our planet and her health, we must begin to re-connect with the cosmos, feel the tide inside, acknowledge the cycles of the year and focus on ritual.

When we learn from the values of the hive – self-sacrifice for community good, industriousness and commitment to perpetuation- we are provided with a model of where we need to go. That the hive also results in sweet honey tells us that there are magical gifts to be found by living in commitment to co-existing as true community with all around us.

During our biodynamic work (in tune with the moon) among kindred spirits in the garden we inspire another to create a sustainable future. While witnessing the sound of humming (om) coming from the bees we labor for, one might get a hint that their buzzing is deeply embedded within us and perhaps the thread connecting all energy together.

My familiars unshakable faith is a vital part of a "tipping point mechanism" eventually pollinating general opinion. Familiars learn about the current tides in the activism section.

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