The colours of this website are dedicated to the Suffragettes and were chosen by Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, a british women’s rights activist, because

People often seek guidance out of despair, intuitively knowing that there is a deeper truth to their life’s situation which has not been revealed yet.

My aim is to act as a catalyst raising holistic awareness with the help of naturopathy and eco-psychosexual counseling using ritual hypnosis and yoga to facilitate a shift of consciousness.

Until the desired result of mental, physical, spiritual and material health is achieved, the aspirant remains (a) patient. Then, eventually recovered, the aspirant desires doing something to benefit others, with no hidden agenda for himself. Now aware that there is a link between the repression of the Feminine and the abuse of the Earth the aspirant understands that the Earth is not fully beloved and respected until the value of every person is acknowledged. The only restriction from being whole experienced now, is the suppression of women and consequently life now is dedicated to honour them by living as a conscious being.

While experiencing such holistic consciousness virtuous endeavors naturally lead towards the ultimate intent. Nothing is carried out in vain or for the sake of its self. Furthermore the direct relationship between art, philosophy, ideology and practicalities of health- both- environmental and personal - become a way of natural reform. Through great honour and passionate reverence for the Feminine qualities a life of natural harmony with the “Goddess” is created. There is however an important distinction between divine femininity and the female gender. The male and female gender embody both masculine and feminine facets of being. It is the Feminine virtues in their very essence that must be cultivated and exalted by us all. Through the consciousness of the Goddess we are givers of life, compassionate nurturers, mediums of infinite creation, bearers of physical beauty and recipients of cosmic light. In this perpetual state of divine feminine awareness we honor and respect the mother of us all, who nourishes and holds us. We learn to emulate our planetary mother by creating, supporting and nurturing the microcosmic eco-system that is our body. Great loving care is now compassionately extended to the trillions of living organisms that constitute our atomic dominion. How does one undertake such a responsibility? How does nature provide everything we could ever need to live a joyful and vibrantly healthy existence?

Guidance is found in the virtue of the feminine divine - your very own intuition.